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This is a community dedicated to crack!fic in all its forms (but written exclusively by crystalweaver, intra_linear, quirkyquills, katesensei, and vantrika - we don't care if adding this contradicts the previous statement. SO STFU n00b!!1eleventysex) Especially about Jiraiya's buns of steel.

WARNING: Some crackfics may contain jokes that people find offensive. These jokes are not made in earnest and any racial stereotypes are JOKING. AS IN NOT SERIOUS.


Your mom's not serious.

EDIT - decided about five minutes after this was initially written: All potentially offensive posts have been friends locked. SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ. And if you do like, there may be something wrong with you.

(Please keep in mind that this profile and everything in this community was probably written at around 1:30 in the morning.)
"that jutsu", absolute stupidity, akatsuki, believe it, breakdancing on turtles, breastarmor, catfights, death is optional, deidara's lack of conditioner, disco the cow, dumber than crack, gender discrimination, general confusion, getting revenge babe, ghey, gospel singing, grammar nazis, harems, hidan/tobi, jiraiya's buns of steel, kanga-jew, l!cheese, late-night karaoke endeavors, matsuda's pubic hair, mosh pit chickens, mustafa, narusasu pr0n doujinshi, naruto/tidus, original shinobiz, orochimaru the fashion critic, powdered lemonade, project runway, puffs of logic, raito is teh gay, ramen, rotflol, sasuke's bringing sexy back, sexy to the wall, shnazzy hats, skimpy male clothing, t'pol doesn't get drunk, umbrella on crack, warrior princesses, you lack penis, your mom, zetsu pr0nz